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The Scholarship Program encompasses the following:

  • Post-Secondary Scholarships
  • Post-Primary Scholarships
  • Resource Center and Mentorship Activities



ACCES provides scholarships for post-secondary education to young Kenyans in Western Province of Kenya. The recipients of these partial scholarships must be in need of financial assistance and must have a record of satisfactory educational achievement. The post-secondary education must be undertaken at a public school in Kenya and must prepare the student for employment.


Scholarship Intake

The Scholarship Program advertises for its intake once a year from the 15th of March to the 15th of May of every year.


Selection Criteria

  1. Must be a Kenyan Citizen
  2. Must be below 30 years of age
  3. MUST be from Western Province
  4. Must have a minimum K.C.S.E grade of B- for Males and C+ for Females
  5. Must be either enrolled or have an admission letter to a public learning institution duly registered with the Kenya National Examination Council (Post-Graduate Program Students are not eligible).
  6. For those already admitted to college, they must have a college performance grade of B and above.
  7. For university students, only undergraduates under the Joint Admissions Board Program with HELB loan of Ksh. 40,000 and below and demonstrating further financial need will be considered.
  8. Those who have deferred studies due to financial constraints or have failed to enroll in any institution may be considered (i.e. unable to attend school without ACCES support)
  9. Must be bright and needy




The ACCES Post-Primary Program awards scholarships to ACCES Community School Graduates, who meet the minimum entry requirements set out by ACCES’ Post-Primary Policy and are pursuing secondary school or Technical, Industrial, Vocational and Entrepreneurial Training (TIVET). The TIVET Program in Kenya is meant to absorb the large number of students who cannot progress to secondary school and higher levels of education so they can contribute meaningfully to economic development. Beneficiaries of TIVET will be able to use their acquired skills in earning a living for themselves and their families, while also creating viable poverty-reduction practices throughout their community.




Through the Post-Secondary Information Resource Center and Mentorship Activities, the Scholarship Program will provide behavioral and career guidance and counseling services to secondary and TIVET institutions, so as to help students make informed career choices and access other financial aid organizations.The resource center helps with the:

  • Improvement and implementation of Guidance and Counseling programs in secondary schools
  • Provision of information on colleges and universities
  • Provision of mentors
  • Counseling ACCES applicants and beneficiaries

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